Review Policy

I gladly accept books for review in a wide range of genres.  I do accept books from both publishers and authors for review and posting.

What To Expect
I prefer to talk about the story in my review, pointing out certain scenes/aspects that I enjoyed (character development, descriptions, etc).  I will also include a summary from GoodReads or the blurb from the book.  I will give my honest opinion when reviewing a book, regardless of how or where I obtained it from.  I will not be mean just to be mean, but I may give a negative review from time to time, if the book just didn't appeal to me, but again, I will post the blurb for readers to decide for themselves.  Reviews will be posted on YA Geek Reads first, then GoodReads, Amazon, and any other site that the author or publisher requests.

Genres I Read/Review:
Young Adult
Urban Fantasy
Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy
Paranormal Fantasy
Paranormal Romance
Historical Romance

Genres I DO NOT Review:
Christian fiction

If you have a book that you'd like read/reviewed that doesn't fit into any of those categories, feel free to contact me as it could be that I missed out on one.

Expected Turnaround Time
I am a pretty consistent reader, so depending on how many books I'm reading at the time, the timeframe for a review could differ.  Right now, the turnaround time is about a month.  If you need a book review posted by a certain date, please let me know.

Formats I accept:
I also have a Kindle and the Nook app, so if you have that format, I'm willing to consider those as well.